Rethink City Services

Code for America and the City of San Antonio are joining together to make fixing your home incredibly simple.

How will you help fix homes?

This app lets you apply for the permits you’ll need to improve your home legally. There are three key parts to home improvement projects: permits, money and labor. Homebase will make it easy to find all three parts and bring them together to get a project started.

Homebase will help you apply for the right permits, and in the future, find grants from the city and other agencies, and discover trusted labor who can help complete your project.

Why are you developing Homebase?

We did in-depth research in San Antonio and heard amazing stories about how much homeowners cared about their homes. Fixing up homes and neighborhoods is part of the city's history and culture.

We think it's time to kick start investment in homes across the city.

Who's working on this project?

Homebase is a collaboration between Code for America and the City of San Antonio. It's being developed by the San Antonio Fellowship team: Amy Mok, Maya Benari and David Leonard.

Follow our progress on blog, Techzans.

How can I stay updated on the project?

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